The Money Date Box® Planner



TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY & ACHIEVE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS: Do you struggle to keep your finances in order? It’s a lot to keep track of, but The Money Date Box® Planner simplifies the process by helping you manage all of your financials—savings, budgets, debt payments, and more—in one place. By using this comprehensive, easy-to-understand budget tracker, you’ll be better equipped to spend well, start saving, set, and—yep!—achieve all of your financial goals.

STAY ON TRACK & FOCUSED, SET MONTHLY & QUARTERLY GOALS, & BUDGET: It all starts with a plan! Each month, write down your monthly and quarterly financial goals. Put reminders of bills and payments due on the calendar. Make a monthly spending plan before you spend. Use predefined expense categories to plan your monthly budget. During the month, track all of your day-to-day spending. At the end of the month, review it all, identify negative spending habits, and make a plan to improve next month.


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