The Money Date Box Planner



TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY & ACHIEVE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS: Do you struggle to keep your finances in order? It’s a lot to keep track of, but The Money Date Box Planner simplifies the process by helping you manage all of your financials—savings, budgets, debt payments, and more—in one place. By using this comprehensive, easy-to-understand budget tracker, you’ll be better equipped to spend well, start saving, set, and—yep!—achieve all of your financial goals.

STAY ON TRACK & FOCUSED, SET MONTHLY & QUARTERLY GOALS, & BUDGET: It all starts with a plan! Each month, write down your monthly and quarterly financial goals. Put reminders of bills and payments due on the calendar. Make a monthly spending plan before you spend. Use predefined expense categories to plan your monthly budget. During the month, track all of your day-to-day spending. At the end of the month, review it all, identify negative spending habits, and make a plan to improve next month.


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