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6 Best Apps To Begin Investing Online

Your 9 to 5 may provide adequate funds for your day-to-day expenses, but who wouldn’t want to earn some extra money through online trading and investing? Especially when the process is—overall—relatively passive. 

Today, there are thousands of tradable assets online. And by investing in digital financial markets, you can turn small investments into sizable profits. In fact, some people become so good at trading online that they end up leaving their daytime gig to become full-time professional online investors and traders.

Getting started is easy—you can sign up with an online broker through their website or mobile phone app. When signing up, you simply fill out some intake information (like your name, address, and bank details) and transfer the initial minimum deposit money to activate your account. Then, you choose the market or stocks to invest in to earn profits. 

Sounds pretty good, right? If you’re itching to give it a try, these are the most reliable online investing apps for first-timers exploring the online investment world. 

Acorns is a popular platform, because it’s easy for novice traders to use. It’s often considered a micro-investing app, because it allows users to invest very small amounts of money—often no more than a few hundred dollars. It also has helpful features that help those with limited amounts of disposable income find the capital. Consider their round-up feature—if you give the app permission to do so, it will round your purchases up to the nearest dollar, so you can use your “spare change” to invest. 

Registering isn’t intimidating for beginners, either, since you only need a minimum of $5 to invest. All you have to do is download and install the app on your phone, then sign up using a valid email address. When you complete the registration process, you’ll have to provide your credit or debit card information along with banking info to verify yourself as a legit online investor.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll love how intuitive the interface is. Also nice: Acorns frequently offers bonus investments, plus has plenty of money advice to help you on your journey. 

Although Stash does charge a monthly usage fee, beginner traders love that the investing app only requires an initial investment of $5 and doesn’t impose any commissions or fees. This allows newbies to test their online trading skills before getting in too deep. Stash is also popular among families, since it offers features that allow you to invest and trade on behalf of a child. 

The app also has plenty of educational resources to help you learn about online trading. What’s more, it’s SIPC-insured and has a stock-back program that rewards you with funds and individual stocks when you make debit purchases through the app.

Robinhood is an easy-to-navigate US-based trading app that makes investing in ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrency affordable for all traders, since you can invest with a small amount of money and won’t incur high commission fees. The app also offers plenty of approachable educational material to help new traders keep up with market trends and news.

Also nice: Robinhood offers plenty of rewards, including a free stock upon registration—a fun deal that can help you kickstart your online stock trading career. And once your online investment career begins to flourish, you can upgrade to the premium version for just $5 per month. This will grant you access to additional features, tools, and trading assistance. 

E-Trade is a renowned online brokerage firm that offers online investing features to all types of traders. It is one of the oldest trading apps on the market and boasts a sizable share of online traders. 


It’s no wonder: E-Trade has all of the right features for investors of all levels, including a compatible trading platform, reliable customer service, and more. It’s worth noting, though: Because the E-Trade app also offers an array of features that require professional understanding, it can be challenging for novice traders to navigate. 

Betterment is a type of robo-advisor app—a digital platform that provides automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services—that helps you invest in the right assets. But unlike traditional robo-advisor apps, this one does have human advisors available to help you along the way. Beginners like this app, because investments are not completely self-guided, plus there are no minimum balance requirements. 

Still, investors have plenty at their disposal and can easily create diversified portfolios all backed by SIPC protection. The app also boasts low fees, so you can try your hand at trading without penalty. 

As you get further along in your trading career, you’ll appreciate some more advanced functionalities that will help you invest  in fractional shares in some of the top stock markets in the world.

Coinbase is different from all other trading and investing apps on the list, because it primarily supports cryptocurrency trading in more than 100 countries worldwide. The app is the most popular among a small list of legit and trustworthy online cryptocurrency brokers. Using Coinbase, investors can safely trade all of the major crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more.  Don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing—you’ll find plenty of resources (guides, blogs, and more) in the app’s learning portal, so you can educate yourself on the latest concepts and trading techniques.

So what are you waiting for?

These legitimate brokerage apps are convenient, user-friendly, and reliable—and, best of all, they offer a quick way to earn more money from the comfort of your home. All you need to do to get started is hone in on one and create an account to invest your way towards a more financially stable future.



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