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7 Creative Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

Like so many other things in life—your work ethic or your attitude towards nutrition and exercise—your money mindset, or your beliefs and feelings about money, is established in your formative years.  But here’s the harsh reality: In the United States, we’re largely failing our children. For the most part, basic finance has been absent from […]

4 Steps to Helping Your Teen Open Their First Checking Account

From day one, we teach our kids everything they need to know. But there’s a big piece of the puzzle that’s been, for the most part, inadvertently left out: basic finances. “From 25 years of helping people with their money, I’ve learned that most people are intimidated by finances and financial conversations,” says The Money […]

6 Best Ways to Get Out of Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom

There’s no doubt about it—debt is limiting. Good or bad, too much debt affects your financial health in more ways than one. It’s not only a stressful place to be, but it can also limit your ability to pay your day to day expenses, plus secure a mortgage for a home or even a loan […]

6 Hidden Fees to Watch Out for on Your Credit Cards

There’s a lot to love about credit cards. They’re not only convenient (no need to carry around tons of cash you could potentially lose), but they can also make it easier to track spending and you can even rack up points and earn bonuses just for using them.  But as any remotely money-savvy individual knows, […]

Credit History: How to Fix a Negative Mark

Your credit score is more than just a number. It is your financial DNA and a living history of your finances. And any marks on this have real-life ramifications that can ultimately impact loan amounts and interest rates (mortgages included!), limits on credit cards, car insurance premiums, the need for a security deposit on utilities, […]