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5 Fast Ways to Trim Your Budget

According to a 2021 survey by The Penny Hoarder, more than 55 percent of Americans do not use a budget to manage their money. What’s more, 56 percent of survey respondents said they didn’t even know how much money they spent last month. But as any financial expert will tell you, tracking your money is […]

6 Best Ways to Get Out of Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom

There’s no doubt about it—debt is limiting. Good or bad, too much debt affects your financial health in more ways than one. It’s not only a stressful place to be, but it can also limit your ability to pay your day to day expenses, plus secure a mortgage for a home or even a loan […]

13 Simple Ways to Cut Daily Spending

Though you may not feel a day-to-day tug on your purse strings, the truth is Americans shell out a lot of money every day—$164.55 on average, to be exact. That’s upwards of $60,000 each year. And if that’s not shocking enough, consider this: the median household income in the United States is $67,521. It’s no […]

How to Save Up a 20% Down Payment for Your New Home

According to real estate giant Zillow, the average home price in the United States is $320,662. While that may seem like a hefty dollar figure, consider this: that figure is a 19.6 percent jump from just one year ago. And experts predict that number will continue to rise upwards of 16 percent in the year […]

How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Here’s a quick reality check for you: You can have a well-paying job and still be on a tight budget. In fact, according to recent research, more than half of all Americans (54 percent!)—or 125 million U.S. adults—are living paycheck-to-paycheck. What’s more, 21 percent of these individuals say they struggle to pay their bills and […]

5 Ways to Change Your Money Mindset

Are you overwhelmed by your finances? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey by Capital One, more than three in four Americans—a whopping 77 percent!—feel anxious about their financial situation, particularly when it comes to saving enough for retirement, keeping up with the cost of living, and managing debt levels. These kinds of financial […]

9 Budgeting Tips for Couples

In a recent survey by Fidelity, a whopping 44 percent of respondents said they argue with their spouse about money, with one in five citing money as their biggest relationship challenge. Generally, these couples—many of whom are millennials—disagree on fundamental financial moves, like the age they plan to retire, how much savings is needed to […]

The Money Date Box in New Jersey Family

This month, our founder Kathy Entwistle and the new Money Date box was featured in New Jersey Family Magazine as Januarys Mom Crush. We were so excited to see Kathy show off her role not only as the founder but as the amazing mom she is! Seeing her and her family in print brought us […]

How to Improve Your Debt-to-Income Ratio So You Can Get a Mortgage

So you want to buy a house? Chances are you don’t have the funds to buy that dream house outright with cash—not many people do. While it’s true that the percentage of all-cash home purchases is currently at an all-time high, that number still only makes up 30 percent, or less than one-third, of all […]

6 Hidden Fees to Watch Out for on Your Credit Cards

There’s a lot to love about credit cards. They’re not only convenient (no need to carry around tons of cash you could potentially lose), but they can also make it easier to track spending and you can even rack up points and earn bonuses just for using them.  But as any remotely money-savvy individual knows, […]