Money is just a tool
to help you reach your goals!


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Your financial health is an important part of your overall wellness strategy.

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The Money Date Box is where you start to take ownership of your financial future. This box contains the tools to educate, understand your priorities, and create a road map in eight, guided sessions.

Money is... decisions, choices, and options.

The Money Date Box is a way to show up, voice what is important to YOU, on your personal journey, and to create a plan for your future success.

When you understand your relationship with money it helps you move forward. Money dates are conversations that empower.
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By supporting our IFund Women Campaign, you'll empower yourself and your family to start making smart decisions about your financial future and play a role in making financial education and planning more accessible.

Available Boxes

For Partners

Set a Money Date each week with your partner to discover each other's values and priorities. Start working toward your financial future together.

For Women

Set a Money Date each week with yourself. Start showing up to your financial future by discovering your own values and priorities.